Yael Cibulski

Yael holds a bachelor’s degree in dance from the Codarts University for the Arts in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, and is a former member of the Vertigo Dance Company. She currently works as a dancer, teacher and independent dancemaker in Israel and abroad. Additionally, Yael is a certified Feldenkrais® practitioner.

Teaching classes and workshops around the world, Yael has developed a movement vocabulary and approach that incorporates exercises for a better anatomical understanding through experience using images and principles from release-based techniques, classical ballet, partnering, the Feldenkrais Method and more primal forms of intuitive or impulsive movement.

In search of structural patterns that promote ease of movement, particularly with respect to floorwork, the class is devoted to finding skeletal support for explosive movement, examining relationships between gravity and space, using imagery and the imagination in movement initiation, and acknowledging the interplay of body, soul and consciousness.

Yael’s technique is structured in such a way that dancers can’t resort to habitual movement strategies. The movement material changes and evolves at such a pace that habitual responses are effectively bypassed, sending participants on a quest for additional, new and surprising possibilities. When people come to experience an enlarged set of options, they become more creative and resourceful, and develop reactions of a more spontaneous and precise nature.

For the last years Yael has been creating group and solo works combined with original music that she composes together with her partner Nimrod Gorovich.

Collaborations and the continuity in development and change are the basic leading principle throughout Yael’s approach to movement and dance.


‘Loop’ – Social / Human Experiment:

The concept of loop has been developed over the last three years with different groups around the world, through workshops and R&D.  Loop was a one-off improvisation game, but grew into a tool for molding and sculpting the individual pattern into a group formation. Interestingly, it has been fruitful in revealing differences between each individual’s own impulsive reaction, and not of a less importance, between each group’s communal behaviors, based on its unique cultural background. However, this structure somewhat loses its clarity, when the game of Loop accelerates, and habitual rituals start to blur. Then a contrast between chaos and order is revealed, which gives an image of a projection of the sensory experience, as if the stage turns into an FMRI footage of the structured patterns in our brain.

The process will consist of exchanging the unique movement style Yael has developed as an artist, as well as the individual physical and emotional history of each participant. Inserting and exploring both ends of that rope of creation, will be met with the rules that the Loop concept has to offer, resulting in extracting materials to be the base for further individual and group exploration.


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