Olivia Mancino

Olivia’s career in yoga practice and teaching began with her knee injury diagnosed as incurable by orthopaedic doctors. She fully recovered 2 years after with the consistency of yoga practice. As an adult performer Olivia deeply values an anatomical and sustainable approach to yoga, that includes awareness, pyanayama, PNF techniques, elements from pilates and a consistent attention to alignment for joint congruency and correct muscle connection. Her aim is to infuse consciousness and correct muscle memory in order to prevent injuries and to allow performers to dance beyond what is commonly considered the age limit for a professional dancer.

-1998 NYC Olivia studies Alexander and Laban technique at AADA (American academy of dramatic arts) and begins to familiarise herself with somatic approaches to dance.

-2005 San Francisco – begins to practice and study Bikram Yoga at Berkley Yoga Studio and Santa Cruz, California with Issac Garcia (Bikram yoga world champion)

-2007\2013 Olivia founded the Project Al-Kimiya where she integrates yoga as a means of transformation and sustainability for dancers. The project becomes a great success and she continues teaching for years full-time, transforming and healing herself and hundreds of dancers (www.alkimiya.it)

-2010 Olivia approaches the study of Ashtanga Yoga with Lino Mele in Italy taking part in master-classes, seminars and retreats.

-2013 Olivia begins to study regularly in Costa Rica “Set om Shanti” Yoga Studio with sustainability expert Mariel Andrea (www.seromshanti.com)

-2014 Certifies as a Hatha Yoga instructor at “Pachamama” Community in Costa Rica www.pacahamama.com integrating Yoga and “calligraphy health” a Qi gong ancient energetic practice

2015 Olivia deepens her knowledge of anatomy applied to yoga and PNF-stretching with the orthopaedic doctor, yogi and author of many yoga books, Ray Long (www.bandhayoga.com), Blue Spirit retreat centre Costa Rica

2015\2017 teaches Vinyasa Flow, power yoga, and restorative yoga at Ser Om Shanti Yoga Studio, Costa Rica

-2018\2019 teaches Yoga for professional contemporary dancers at Goa Dance Residency in India.

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