Kevin Turner

Co-Artistic Director of Company Chameleon 

Kevin studied formally at The Northern School of Contemporary Dance where he gained a first class degree. His professional engagements include working with Rambert Dance Com- pany, Scottish Dance Theatre, Phoenix Dance Theatre, CassaniDance, Rubberbandancegroup (Canada), Henri Oguike Dance Company, Company Decalage, Mad Dogs Dance Theatre and Roda. In the summer of 2007 Kevin was awarded the prestigious Danceweb Scholarship under the framework of ImPulsTanz, Vienna. He has worked in collaboration with Gansango in Seattle, Crossfade in Budapest and Navala Chaudhari in London. He has taught in most major British contemporary dance institutions, as well as in Canada, the USA, Spain, Hungary and the Caribbean. 

Company Chameleon started when Anthony Missen and Kevin Edward Turner met at Trafford Youth Dance Theatre in the mid-1990s. Two ordinary lads from Manchester, they shared an ambition to dance professionally. After developing their talent at Trafford, they went on to train the NSCD, and after graduating travelled and worked with some of the world’s most innovative dance companies and choreographers. 

They came home in 2007 with the aim of setting up their own dance company – and Company Chameleon was born. Today, Company Chameleon tours internationally, staging over 50 in- door and outdoor performances every year. Wherever we perform, we lead a dance class or a workshop. As a result, we have introduced thousands of young people, from countries all over the world, to a different side of dance and movement. 

Workshop Description

After 18 years of experience being a performer, maker and co -director of Company Chameleon; I/we have developed classes that are tailored to the requirements of our own company dancers. They are fast paced and dynamic. Like a Chameleon my practice and methods adapt and change and are informed by a multitude of experiences working in different directions and movement styles; including:

Contemporary Release Technique, Floor work, Capoeira, B-boying, Martial Arts, Modern Dance, West African, Improvisation and Contact Improvisation. 

“Dynamic Contemporary” is based upon these experiences and is a combination of dynamic well-crafted phrases that are influenced by a variety of styles, movement methods and improvisational proposals that invite participants to explore and expand their own creative and physical practice. 

The workshop will contain elements of the repertoire of Company Chameleon as well as some of the mixed training techniques and phrases that we use to develop our sense of loco- motion and articulation.

We will work with concepts related to body-mind centering, space, time, energy, intention and situation. 

“Dynamic Contemporary” will provide the opportunity for participants to engage in a variety of material and vocabulary development tools from an improvisational and creative task perspective. The dancers will be invited to investigate different approaches to improvisation in solos, with a partner and in groups. We will develop our technical physicality and use our mental capacity to expansively explore our creativity.

Choreographic Proposal

The work will investigate the idea of Entropy , the process of order to chaos back to order with the pattern repeating itself eternally. We will explore this concept physically , socially , emotionally and psychologically. We will work together to find and discover the language and intentions that clearly represent these ideas ..